3D4MD is scheduled to uplink and 3D print medical tools onboard the International Space Station using the Additive Manufacturing Facility.  3D4MD's Dr. Julielynn Wong created a mission badge for this project and two summer interns, Chevis Dilbert and Jerry Ennett, helped digitally sketch the design elements.  

The red planet depicts Mars. The Earth symbolizes global health.  The star pattern above the 3D4MD logo is the Southern hemisphere constellation “Sculptor” because 3D printing is a form of digital sculpture.  The 3D4MD logo merges with the heart's electrical signal waveform at both ends, which signifies that health and wellness are the goals of this project. The two stars in the outer border represent solar energy which is used to power 3D printers in space and on Earth. The red chevron is NASA’s symbol for aeronautics because 3D4MD plans to use drones to re-supply 3D printers in remote medical facilities.  The star pattern below the 3D4MD logo is the Zodiac constellation "Taurus" to recognize the graphic design skills of Jerry Ennett, founder of Taurus 3D.

This embroidered mission patch is awarded to our volunteers, interns, and collaborators as a special memento in appreciation of their support.